Pops, clicks and other signifiers of warmth

Hello, friends.

It’s been suggested that the collective Vinyl Voicers could benefit from a public space to really nerd out. I mean, we already do that several times a week at our events, but we don’t get to properly wax poetic about records… we’re too busy playin’ ’em.

But where do we start? How about we get our DJs to reflect on the first record they can remember owning and truly loving? That’ll be a good way to show some ages around here and slip a little background info in on the sly. Who’s first?


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  1. The first record I can clearly remember being given to play on my Fisher-Price player was the Harry Nilsson/Van Dyke Parks soundtrack to Robert Altman’s Popeye. Of course, I had no idea who those two were (or even who this Robin Williams guy was)… I hadn’t even seen the movie. Maybe I had, but I would’ve been about 3 at the time and it’s not exactly a memorable piece of cinema. The record, despite those involved, isn’t that fondly recalled either, But it was mine! I played it to death. I scratched it, spun it backwards and constructed grand scenes around its twee and tooty songs.

    I remember clearly cueing the record up to Sweethaven and marching down the long stairs of my childhood home to its regal opening, then running back up the stairs to recue the record and do it again.


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