Fresh Drew Comin’ Through – Beep Beep

A few weeks ago, it was suggested that we should start taping some of these Vinyl Voices sessions. Why not give the people a taste of what goes on or a reminder of what happened if they were there?

Well, resident platter-spinner Drew Miller has taken to the suggesting whole hog, delivering something close to 5 hours of mixed content to his blog. Check out a few solo sets and a trade-off session with fellow heavy hitter Tom Novak over at Omnium Design.

Our Mobile Search and Destroy Unit.
Tom, who you probably know from the MN Record Show, will be bringing his talents to the Every Other Friday record night at the Eagles Club THIS Friday along with Dead Media’s Joey Franklin. We’ll likely be taping this one too for potential posting/airing on KFAI.

By the way, did we mention that Mason put together a 4-hour spin session of his own directly after the previous Every Other Friday? It’s archived over at KFAI Presents for at least the next week. You could conceivably fill your entire work week with our sweet streaming sounds. Can you dig it?


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