Long Time, No Type

Has it really been a whole summer since we spoke to you, dear readers? Sorry to have left you! The weekend have just been packed (and it’s sadly been easier to shoot things off over at the old Facebook page), but that’s no excuse.

No doubt, you’ve run across us in person all over town this past season. We’ve been holding down weekly and bi-weekly slots all over the city and putting over 100 hours on our tired needles. We’re about to ring in the fall season with some exciting new residencies, so stay tuned. Big things await.

BUT in the more immediate future, there’s an Art Crawl coming up! Yep, it’s the one in Lowertown (y’know, the new cheap warehouse community that they’re pricing the artists out of) and it is always a stone cold jam. This time around, we’ll be protected from the elements and close to the taps at Bedlam Lowertown. AND, we’ll be there in various residence for two days!

Friday night starts off as a live music affair with the links of Mrs., Mine, The Controversial New Skinny Pill and Ryan Sutter playing right in front of your face. Once that’s done those, we’re putting these men and women behind the decks to try their hand at wooing you with the pre-recorded ’til close.

Then we’ll go to bed late and be up in the afternoon to start all over again. Come by after brunch to browse through the pop-up shop of Omnium Vinyl while your favorite local DJs show off their purchases of the past (it’s not like they GREW all those 45s). That’ll go on ’til 9 when Hot Date, Jillian Rae and Radio Lark generate their own sounds and give our steel wheels a rest before the brutes of Radio Pocho close out the night proper.

Go ahead, wander around the area and find that new fired ashtray of your dreams. We’ll be at the Bedlam, waiting for you. We care.

The DJ schedule should look something like this:

3 – 4:30 – Mason Butler
4:30 – 6 – Grandpa Joe (of Radio K’s Basement Vinyls)
6 – 7:30 – Patti Walsh/Dale T. Nelson (Otto’s Chemical Lounge)

7:30 – 9 – Cory Washington (Jazz Diaspora)
9 til midnight or so: Bands


Now, let’s never be apart this long again.